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The Exiles of Tearlach

About Shannon

Shannon Tompkins is a newly published author living in Central New York. She has spent most of her life steeped in fantasy. Ever since the 8th grade when her mother handed her a battered and bruised copy of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Shannon quickly traded in her Judy Blume’s for Tolkien and Terry Brooks, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Using these author’s works as a jumping off point, Ms. Tompkins began quietly creating characters and stories of her own.

A self-proclaimed sci-fi/fantasy nerd, Tompkins kept her writing to herself for years. Writing was like yoga, or even therapy. A way to unwind after a stressful day.

It wasn’t until she was babysitting for a close friend’s toddler, that Shannon was talked into sharing her unfinished book with anyone. That friend turned out to be an editor and that toddler is now 20 years old!

Shannon has many writing influences but oddly it is horror writer Stephen King who has had the greatest impact on her! She has read more of his books than anyone else’s, follows his life more than any other author’s and takes his writing tips to heart. [“Language does not always have to wear a tie and lace-up shoes. The object of fiction isn’t grammatical correctness but to make the reader welcome and then tell a story…” King. On Writing. Scribner, 2000]

“There is a very personal way he has, especially with his dialogue, that I have always been drawn too, something no one else can really duplicate. It is very real, often funny, like he and his characters are speaking directly to you. He has this way of dressing down grammar that is instantly recognizable and therefore, comforting.”

Shannon has been a dancer her entire life. She is currently a director, choreographer and performer in the Central New York area. In her daytime hours she works as a student support specialist for a local elementary school. A consummate movie junkie – she is also a guest star on a local podcast called The SuperPodHeroCast.

Shannon has two brothers and two sisters in laws who share four nieces and nephews between them (all of which Shannon enjoys spoiling rotten!) She lives with her two adorable parents and one gigantic dog.

Book 2 is on the way…


The Exiles of Tearlach: Book One

Kiernan Nightwing is an elf with a lot on his mind. His best friend is a thief who takes nothing seriously, he is in love with his fighting partner, his twin sister speaks to him only when she wants something and his merry band of companions are perpetually on the run. Oh yes-and Nightwing is not his real name.

The Exiles of Tearlach is book one of several that follows the adventures of Kiernan, four other elves and their puck like companion Tain as they travel the Northern Realms of Tearlach. Their true goal? To reunite their four estranged Elven kingdoms. But noble goals are lofty ones and these companions are constantly sidetracked by the needs of the regular people of Tearlach.

In this first book the Exiles are hired by Kiernan’s volatile and powerful twin sister to track down a rogue mage with a stolen key. Finding the mage is the easy part. Hanging onto the key, and their true identities proves more difficult.


Right from the start Tompkins draws readers into a rich fantasy world of elves, dwarves, humans, magic, politics, and personality. Multiple story lines weaving together offers readers the opportunity to get to know each fully developed character in the book. Characters, human or otherwise, were complex. Characters were times wise, angry, witty, brave and presented with such richness that they felt real. I especially appreciated the updated acknowledgement of gender and sexuality written with no fanfare or tokenism.
A true, engrossing high-fantasy read with an ending that left me looking forward to more.


Great adventure and has you on your seat!

Monica M.

I loved this book! There is a lot of adventure and action that propels the story along and keeps you turning the pages as fast as you can. The characters may not have always seen eye to eye or even always liked each other, yet they banded together because it was the right thing to do. You just can’t resist a well written, good vs. evil saga! I can’t wait for the sequel!

Michele Romeo

The Exiles of Tearlach is a must-read for any Tolkien or Harry Potter buff. It follows on the traditions laid out in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series, but updates them to reflect more modern, inclusive gender and sexuality roles, and a lot more humor. In Tearlach, elves and dwarves and a mischievous imp interact with humans--and everyone has a pretty heavy agenda. Tompkins clearly knows how to create strong and believable characters, and she writes action scenes that keep you turning the pages. A great first novel!

Maria Frisondeangelis


Welcome to my website dedicated to The Exiles of Tearlach, my first novel!

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The Exiles of Tearlach is a 156,000-word Fantasy saga about a gang of outlaw rogue elves, a Robin Hood-esque crew who answer the call of those in need around the Northern…

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