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The Exiles of Tearlach is a 156,000-word Fantasy saga about a gang of outlaw rogue elves, a Robin Hood-esque crew who answer the call of those in need around the Northern Realms of a fantasy world called Tearlach. Think of them as the “A-Team” of the fantasy genre. It is a story of magic and politics, secrets and adventures, with dozens of varied characters to follow! As an actor myself I love a book with a giant cast. I have a need to identify with a character in a story and follow that character to the end! And there are enough players here for any reader, young or old, new or veteran to the fantasy genre, to cast themselves as.
That is not to compare this novel or any that follow to the Game of Throne Series. It may be a lengthy novel, but it is tamer in its content. If we rated books as we did movies, The Exiles of Tearlach would come in somewhere between a PG and a PG-13. Suitable for pre-teens, but perhaps too long of a read for some. Great for young adults and adults who have read novels comparable to The Dark Elf Series by R.A. Salvatore and The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks.
The Exiles of Tearlach is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and on kindle. Which means you can click and buy right here on this website!

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